What type of shirt should I use in my Order?

So let’s stick with T shirts for the sake of this tip.. (although most of these apply to Polos as well)

What kind of T shirt would best fit your needs?

Here are some of the major types of shirts we deal with on a day to day basis;

  • 100% cotton, 5.4 oz or 6.0 range (Some are 5.3, and some are 6.1)
  • Ring spun cotton (can range from 4.3 to now 6 oz)
  • 50/50 Blend Cotton/Polyester (Usually around 5.5 oz)
  • 100% polyester, (Usually around 4.5 oz)
  • Triblends (Often a combination of cotton/polyester/rayon)

First on the list is the standard cotton T. This is usually cost effective. Standard fitting (less fitted body and less fitted sleeves). It is also usually the most rigid, and thickest T shirt. Which can help it last longer against wear and tear. The 5.4 oz option is just a lighter option and often even more cost effective for those wanting all cotton but a lighter option.

Next on the list is your Ring spun cotton T. This is usually more fitted, with varying degrees of fit from brand to brand. This is a softer spun cotton that is softer to the touch. Usually this is a lighter weight T shirt, but more recently heavier ring spun options have become available. Although tear away tags are becoming more popular among many shirt styles, the ring spun cotton T is often sporting a tear away tag for the ability to relabel with your own brand for clothing lines.

The 50/50 blend is the go to for outdoor workers. They are semi moisture wicking because of the half polyester blend as well as lighter and less rigid than a standard cotton T. They are often ideal for working in warm climates or seasons and are cost effective.

100% Polyester is your moisture wicking solution for outdoor/fitness use. Depending on the brand and style they vary in degrees of sheen (Some are shinier while others are less shiny). This is often a lightweight option as well and stays around the 4 oz range. These shirts are ideal for sport and fitness applications where moisture management is a priority.

Triblends are your best choice for more heathered color options with a softer more fitted look and feel. These come in more form fitted styles and are often more lightweight. This is another style used often by clothing lines when ring spun cotton options don’t have the look or feel you’re going for.


Still have questions? Just ask your printer! They’ll help you narrow down the search depending on what you’re looking for.

Usually we can help you narrow it down by material, weight, style, and price.

Sometimes the options can seem overwhelming even, but let your printer help!

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