About us

The Heartbeat of American Ink & Thread!

At American Ink & Thread we abide by a standard of quality that can be hard to find. We are invested in our work, and reputation because we are Family Owned and Operated.

Creative and unusual print requests or Custom Illustrated designs are not a problem either. Our customers appreciate the quality of our work, the reliable and speedy service we provide and the excellent advice we give when it comes to making your garment or graphic stand out, or just look right.

American Ink & Thread has just upgraded our Automatic Screen Printing Press to a New Anatol Horizon! Automatic presses can handle much larger jobs at a faster rate than manual presses. This means that we are able to offer our customers higher quantities, with faster turn-around times.

Our New Anatol has a Servo-Indexer which is driven by an electric motor. This feature enables us to get even smoother operation for a resulting more consistent print!