Screen Printing

Why minimum orders?


 Screen printing is one of the more labor intensive processes for apparel embellishment.

The more colors in a design, the more separating for the files, the more films to be printed, and the more screens to be made, set up, AND broke down & cleaned up after order completion.

For these reasons we increase the minimum order per color in the print to account for additional time and labor.

What types of files are print ready?


 We can accept any file you may have as long as it's details are visible.

However they will incur an art charge when vectorizing or separations is necessary.

Vector art is scalable. No matter how much it's blown up it never loses detail or sharpness. This is our ideal day to day file format.

What are separations?

That leads us to our other common file format, high resolution raster files.

These files can be separated into what's called channels. These files types are ideal for more photographic prints.

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